Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

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❝The first rule about surviving a zombie apocalypse; don't be the black guy.❞

❝You're on some other shit, ain't ya, little girl?❞

Survival 101

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Bitch pleasr catch this white caucasic spanish gurl :V btw sassy and salty u know what does that mean im the comedy resort i dont get fuking killed Bv
JordanStuff JordanStuff Aug 12
As your local representative of the African American male community I can approve
Noooo! Glenn was my favourite!! Whyyy?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nope nope no no nopity nope nope. Imma imagine the main character someone else and I hate Madison so much, so nopeee
As an African American, I can confirm they'll always kill off the blacks first.
I started crying when this was mentioned..I miss Glenn so much...he was my favourite