Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

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❝The first rule about surviving a zombie apocalypse; don't be the black guy.❞

❝You're on some other shit, ain't ya, little girl?❞

Survival 101

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This is perfect, the description matches me, my name is Penelope, but the damn picture doesn't match :')))
Well actually it would be better not to be a female because of periods and people taking advantage of them.
Queenylime Queenylime Nov 06
Why's it feel like Rick and Daryl's personalities were switched here?
                                  < )>
                              Well EXCUSE me. 
                              Lmao, I was joking 😂
gorygrimes gorygrimes Nov 19
y'all need to chill it's little grammar mistakes don't act like your writing is perfect, fück I know mine isn't
You honestly don't know how many times I've wished for a zombie outbreak, and for me and my friend to have the cure.....