Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

Survival 101 ↝ Carl Grimes [1]

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❝The first rule about surviving a zombie apocalypse; don't be the black guy.❞

❝You're on some other shit, ain't ya, little girl?❞

Survival 101

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so_triggered so_triggered Dec 31, 2016
Honestly, in season 7, I'm not sure whether to hate Negan or to love him cause, I gotta say, he's funny...
FluffKinWazHere FluffKinWazHere 2 days ago
Human interaction is healthy... This is basically the world as we know it now but the walkers are replaced by the Internet!😂
armytrashhh armytrashhh Dec 23, 2016
I have a ship name for them (as friends tho) it'll be Dick.  Rick but with daryls first letter of his name instead of an R
FluffKinWazHere FluffKinWazHere 2 days ago
Ricky! My man! Rickster!! The Rickanator! Oh and Shaggy-Hair is here too..
FluffKinWazHere FluffKinWazHere 2 days ago
How all the scare moive blonds get killed by the murderer with the mask...
                              For shame
Why you gotta be so rude.....
                              And his name is JOHN CENA!!!!! :-)