The Book of Random

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cece23 By cece23 Updated 2 years ago
RANDOMNESS, YET INTERESTING FACTS :) :) You, my friend is about to enter the Book of Random, literally. This book is full of the most randomest, yet interesting information you will ever find. I hope you will enjoy it as much as my friends did!!! Thanks for reading
Mai gousta kantaar? That is correct, not the spelling, but said out loud it makes sense. Me gusta cantar... I like to sing...
I think the author should try putting random funny shiz instead of random infomation shiz
Me and rob Lowe have the same thing except I was born with it
These are some pretty awesome facts you got here. I love it!
These r really gr8! Some very interesting facts in here! :P Awesome! :D
hey.... this is getting suspicious, my friend PearlPHILZ also wrote something called Random Facts-and she used the same intro:Random facts that you don't need to know but it's interesting anyway.