Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

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WARNING: Before you start reading if you do not like a Ménage à trois, then please do not read this!

Being abused brings you down and makes you second, triple guess yourself. Then one day a man comes along and rescues you from the hell that has been your life. Then to find out he is also your mate? God must be playing a cruel trick that is not humorous.

Zephyr can't get too close to her new boss too quickly. Well that's what she tells herself but when he lets his dominance seep out, she finds herself throwing caution to the wind and letting Athanasius control her body.

As soon as she is getting use to a mate that shows her exactly what she has been needing, life throws another curve ball Zephyr's way but will she like it?

Guys stop cause I call my dad Dady to 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and now I'm tryna stop
gema54 gema54 Mar 04
Ha, you should have left his body in the woods so the animals could eat him. Heck, not even the animals would want that jerk.
Awww look who's shy. Hunnay you don't have to pee on yourself...
Valkyrrie Valkyrrie Jul 05
People think The Rock when he was 25, because that's how old this guy is
Lucia031797 Lucia031797 Jun 29
You guys never called your dad's daddy? Its an endearing thing between father and daughter.
shattered_redsoul shattered_redsoul Feb 11, 2015
more like a very violent man who likes to take is anger out on the one he is supposed to love