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Naruto my Way

Naruto my Way

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Lisa By StoryWriter1139 Updated May 08, 2011

This is a FanFic of Naruto that I wrote when I was 9 years old (But I edited a lot of the chapters since there is only four on the original, which is 24 pages of A4, sheets of paper long, no lie it is actual that long)

Basicly it's about a Ninja called Saruki who's dream is to get past the Jonin Exams, along with her brothers Gaara and Kankuro, and her sister Temari, but turns out the exams are cancelled so they decide to take the Chuunin Exams again. And along the way they meet three of their cousins !!!

StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Mar 10, 2011
@XxamoraXcarolinexX I know its different but its not like i was gonna call it Gaara or Saruki, i mean tht just be weird, and yeah its in third person. 
XxamoraXcarolinexX XxamoraXcarolinexX Mar 09, 2011
Its Different then Naruto but I still like it off to the next chapter oh ya and is it in the third person, you know how you wrote the story?
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Feb 27, 2011
@Irreplaceable96 Okayyy, maybe my story can convince u to like naruto. Probably not but, you never know !!!
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Feb 26, 2011
@BloodyAppleNote Well he only laughed slightly, i mean come on its not like gaara would never laugh, okay well maybe he wouldnt but come on. And i'm glad u like it so far !!!
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Feb 23, 2011
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Feb 16, 2011
@xPurplexPandax Thx for standing up for me, and im really glad u like my story, but to be honest, I didnt think u were the kind of person who liked naruto, oh and thx for the votes !!!