Messing With The Bad Boy

Messing With The Bad Boy

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He pushed me against the wall and stepped closer.

Our faces were inches apart. He caressed the side of my face gently as his eyes bored into mine.

He leaned into me and whispered," Don't mess with me, Stella. I assure you, you will regret it."

And with that, he smashed his lips onto mine.

Stella Summers is just a normal girl with loving family, caring friends, good grades and pretty looks. 
  When she moved to LA with her family she wanted a normal drama free high school life.
  Little did she know she would cross paths with the bad boy of the school, Jason Parker. 
  Jason is arrogant, rude and gorgeous. 
  He is the school's golden boy with his charming looks and player ways.
  So what happens when he meets Stella?

A rollercoaster ride filled with hot coffee, skateboards, water fights, mirror mazes, carnivals, cruel pranks and a lot more is waiting for them.
  Join this journey of love, heartbreak, jealousy, friendships, betrayal and fun.

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I don't even look at the cast  I imagine way better people and they are hot
This is my first read on wattpad. And I literally love this story. Plz post the chapters soon. Eagerly waiting to see more of it.
You just said dont hate, but you hate thought. I like u. Ur weird
supremefave supremefave Jul 09
I love cliches tbh. I really wish things like this could happen in real, but who knows? Anything can happen ;)
I’m starting to think cliche is in all books so no big deal
H_E_N_S_O_N H_E_N_S_O_N Nov 07
I feel like some things come off as cliché but it depends on how you read it.