Yes Daddy

Yes Daddy

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• By Boi_stop Updated Mar 21

"Will you be a good girl for daddy?"

18 year old Melody was anything but an adult. She was a beauty which stood at 5'4" and had large blue eyes and a tiny nose with natural pouty lips. And of course she was always a good girl. 

Grayson on the other hand was a serious hardworking business man that stood at 6'4". He had a strong jaw, cheekbones and perfectly done hair. As well as the muscles and abs every girl wishes for in a man. He was practically one of those models you see in a magazine. 

When they both bump into each other Grayson first realises how a little's aura comes off her because of how shy and timid Melody is. Grayson soon gets more entranced by her and wants to protect her from every harm that can come in her path. 

How will their relationship develop or will there be no relationship to begin with?

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