Ice Queen

Ice Queen

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"Am I scaring you Snowflake?" The Prince stared at me with fierce anger. "Not at all." I replied, my breath shallow. There was a dangerous flicker in his red eyes, fire exploded from his fingertips near my face. "And what about now?"
    Princess Elizabeth or better known as Eira is the heir to the Ice Kingdom. The time that the Princess accepts the Ice Crown is just around the corner.
    Her Father is utterly determined.
    Wanting to find a husband ASAP the Ice King had declared a competition. A game if you will. Princes of every Elemental Kingdom are lured and challenged to win. 
    There's plenty to pick, from a surly Fire Prince to a surfer-vibe attractive Water Prince. Stick a few more in between and you get the perfect range. All Eira has to do is choose the desired one. Despite the fact she has to make a rushed decision, unknown wants her dead. Whether it is one of the handsome guys or a close friend, she's not certain. So the Ice Princess needs all help she can get, if she wants to survive, even if it means she has to compromise with the careless Prince of Darkness, Skylar.

Amongst other problems she needs to prove herself, show her father, that she is in fact powerful enough to crush down any enemy in their way. 

    Because what if the future Queen doesn't want to be won? What if her thoughts are settled onto leading a solo monarchy only?

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