Love in the time of Dragons

Love in the time of Dragons

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claude By kisstherainbow Updated Jun 14, 2012

Catherine has it all. The beauty, the money, the boys, and two countries which she could one day rule as queen.  But there is something that is keeping her from accomplishing her dreams, her unknown history. The first three years of her life had become a mystery for her. Catherine is desperate to solve her unknown past, but nobody is willing to help her. The only person who can is her cousin; King Henry, who forbids anybody from telling Catherine about ‘that night’.  

Edward always goes through the same procedure every day. He is tired and bored of palace life, tired of the crowd of girls that follow him wherever he goes.  The only thing that interests him is his younger aunt, Catherine. 

Adrian is a barbarian and barbarians have a bad reputation for stealing, murdering and mistreating the villagers. But Adrian’s world is turned upside down when meets Catherine and their relationship starts to bloom.

Edward and Adrian are both desperate to win Catherine’s heart. Now Catherine has to choose between her two gentlemen, as well as solving her own mystery.

  • adrian
  • catherine
  • edward
  • love
  • medieval
  • princess
  • romance
  • triangle
acrossthatrainbow acrossthatrainbow Sep 13, 2011
it's a really good openinggg, although a little hard to relate since theres a king?? yeahh but it's a really good storyline.
suGar_Twinkles95 suGar_Twinkles95 Feb 13, 2011
I like how you introduced her, and by saying her name which is pretty by the way:) I like the story. 
dreamy_ dreamy_ Feb 06, 2011
                              PLEASE READ THAT AND COMMENT TELLING ME WHATCHA THINK?! great ty!
sunsetbeach sunsetbeach Feb 06, 2011
this is a really good start.
                              poor Catherine never met her parents :(
                              i like the names too :)