My Brother's Best Friend

My Brother's Best Friend

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written by @ayshacoutinho
"This can't happen," I said, turning to him.

"Why not? he asked.

"For starters, you're my brother's best friend," I said.


                    She's the it girl.
                    hot and sassy.

                      He's the flirt,
                   cute and popular.

     But he's also her brother's best friend.
            "And Thou Shalt Not Date
             Thy Brothers Best Friend"

         What's with this unwritten rule?  

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[Started writing on: 29th March, 2017.
Published on: 11th April, 2017]

Skyedolanz Skyedolanz Apr 20
Same with my crush. I texted him and he's such a bitch he doesn't acknowledge the fact that I exist. He didn't reply. But I still love him. He a sweet person but STILL a jerk at times 😂
Is everyone’s name in this like a 50 year old man name HaNk ArNoLd ToNy well Tony okay but still
My friend read this over my shoulder and was like, "Omg Chloe! Who's writing a book about you?!"
Tasnim_1100 Tasnim_1100 2 days ago
AdenFranco AdenFranco May 13
I honestly just want to know why? I’m honestly like really curious
AdenFranco AdenFranco May 13
This has got be a big joke😂😂 that’s my grandfathers name