Mermaids and Werewolves

Mermaids and Werewolves

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Makenzie and her twin sister Makayla Waters Are new in town along with their family. Somethings happened for them to move away from their home in Hawaii and now that have to have a low profile in a town infested with Werewolves. 

Ethan and Aiden Hall are the Future Alphas of their pack and have soon to find a mate. They're major players but when the new girls turn out to be their mates will they stop their player ways? Will they find out what the Waters family is hiding?

©March 14, 2014

TheFandomsTheyKillMe TheFandomsTheyKillMe Nov 01, 2016
Is it bad it's been almost two years and I remember all their names?
blackrose12br blackrose12br Dec 11, 2016
Omg I have nine brothers and 2 sisters and the funny part is that I'm a triplet oldest of the 3 of us so yea
HotDemonGirl HotDemonGirl Dec 16, 2016
I got a half brother and sister and a little sister sucks being the middle child. But i rather have 8 to 10 brothers than them tbh😕
TaraaB5 TaraaB5 Oct 17, 2016
I'd die I already have 4 brothers and a nephew who basically lives with me and that's like 5 boys and they drive me insane
I have one older brother and one younger brother I'm in the middle yay 😕😂
TheFandomsTheyKillMe TheFandomsTheyKillMe Nov 01, 2016
I remember reading this ages ago, I remember when it was my first story I read on Wattpad. Oh my god that was so long ago. This is a truly good story. It's been so long but I remember every second of it.