Everyone has been judged, whether or not you like it, it happens. But the most frustrating thing is that people don’t take the time or effort to see if these assumptions are actually true. Many times, they aren’t and we lose the opportunity of a great friend, because we can’t look past the stereotypes and biased judgments.

Know Me, an original.

  • bias
  • courage
  • discovery
  • judgement
  • self
  • stereotypes
prettysmartgrl prettysmartgrl Jun 16, 2012
thanks ive performed it as a speech and i sing a little but i never thought of turning the whole thing into a song, that's a great idea! Thank you for the inspiration! @ShoveItWithNinjas
ArnieshaRamsey ArnieshaRamsey May 12, 2012
wow! this was long, full of detail and inspiring! this is def. going on to my poems i recommend!