Shielding the Future Alpha

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Ara By tirara Updated 2 years ago
I ran faster feeling his anger surge. { Calm down.} I repeated in my mind willing him to listen to my words. But he let’s the anger slowly take control of his body. {Hercules! Please.} I shout through our mind link trying to plead with him. I was still too far away to protect him and far from the woods to be able to set my wolf free. My heart stops when I hear the howl of the other wolves signaling of the intruder. I finally make it to the woods and I set my wolf free I race to Hercules: my Alpha and my brother I see His black wolf surrounded by four wolves and I can hear more coming. They surround him waiting to attack. {Herc run there are more coming.} [ No! No more running I‘ll show you how ready I am.] And with that he lunges at the biggest wolf. In that instance I know what i must do its what I was destined to do. I focus on my brother and I wrap my powerful shield around him giving him all the power I have leaving myself vulnerable.
shit it was getting good then you stop :(   please upload soon?