You're Mine (A loki love story)

You're Mine (A loki love story)

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BabyDoll By LokisBabydollBride Updated Dec 29, 2015

"You're mine Cassia. You always will be. You may not want to accept it now. But the sooner you accept it, the better you'll be." He said, smirking at me threw the glass walls of his cell.

"How will I be yours when your in there," I pointed at him. "And I'm out here?" I asked pointing  at the floor I stepped on.

He chuckled. "These walls won't hold me forever my love. You can be sure of it. And when I do. You won't be able to hide from me."  


Cassia Stark is Tony Stark 's daughter. She is a new member of S.H.E.L.D her power is elements. She is also a great sharp shooter. 

When Loki is in Germany they meet. 

Cassia looks just like Loki's late wife Sigyn.  She's her doppelganger. And just like Sigyn. Loki loves Cassia. But she hates  Loki.

And what if Loki won the war. And became king of earth?

"And I'm starting to think you want him too" 
                              Nick Jonas anyone?
MakaylaFrazier MakaylaFrazier May 09, 2016
Am I the only one who heard the Evil Queen's voice when I read it?
casca-of-thrace casca-of-thrace Aug 25, 2016
You know, the last time I was in Germany, and saw a man standing above the rest… we ended up disagreeing.
GodOfMischeif GodOfMischeif Jan 21, 2014
Ah yes, another novel written about me. A very good one at that, considering it shows me winning the war on Midgaurd. I am pleased, you are looking at a promotion in my army, human.