Blooded To A Vampire

Blooded To A Vampire

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I am Kiera Calloway and I'm a witch.

No, seriously. I am.

The day of my Awakening, the High Priestess of my Clan (Daughters of the Moon), names me the next Heir and almost surprised the appetite out of me. Almost.

Then, I'm introduced to the other Powers That Be: the Weres (NightWalkers) and the Vamps (Black Blood) on an empty stomach.

Then, I met Kiel Fang, the next Heir to the Black Blood. He unmakes me, ruins me and will probably be the death of me. Too bad I'd lost all logical thought some time after I met him, and I don't care, even though I probably should since you know, he drinks blood like I drink milkshake.

We should probably be running in the opposite direction from each other, but I was a moth and he was my flame.

I was playing with fire, hoping maybe, to get burnt a little by his heat. No, not hoping. I craved it.

I am blooded with a Vampire and my world has turned on itself.

Note: The story is not PG-13, Wattpad is being buggy and I'm not able to change it.

Starts singing Take a Hint: 
                              TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF MY HIPS 
                              BEFORE I PUT PUNCH YOU IN THE LIPS
Omg I'm just imagining him right now and he looks so freaking hawt!!! Like literally, I think I just lost an ovary xD
Lol wait what? Are you sure you're talking about werewolves girl? XD
Awesome reference... Thats like me and my arch enemy... We avoid each other at all cost coz we both hate confrontations
If i were her... I would totally get my a$$ kicked for blowing a million dollars😂
pepsi10844 pepsi10844 May 24
Read this book 4 times and I still don't know what a signed ARC is