Words Of The Heartbroken

Words Of The Heartbroken

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Nathaniel By GoLoverGo Updated Mar 29, 2014

This is the exact opposite of my Forever&Always stories, its meant for heartbreak and sadness for the people who tried there hardest and gave there all in a relationship and were only given heart ache in return.

Its for the people who never gave up on the person they loved no matter how much it hurt to see them with someone else or just plainly how much there lover hurt them.

Its for the people who sacrificed all they had for that one person just to prove to them that they love them and would do anything for them.

Its to the people who were lied to and cheated on but in the end, you still loved that person even though you hated the thought that you still loved them.
I truly hope you enjoy<3

Topazzle Topazzle Jan 02, 2013
Editor Grammar Policing: 1st line, a colon after heartbroken would make it clearer. 3rd line, capitalize we. 5th line, a semi-colon after ashamed would make it more clear. Lines 7 and 8, separate sentences please. Many of the lines could use commas to separate them, they are kind of run on -ish.
Faiithful Faiithful Nov 21, 2012
Very powerful, you did a wonderful job. I can totally relate to this
teatimeforemily teatimeforemily Sep 20, 2012
@GoLoverGo Well It's really very truly good and I'm glad you wrote it.
ForeverAshie ForeverAshie Aug 15, 2012
I loved it! I could feel the emotions and the last stanza ..wohoo great job!
Rochelle1897 Rochelle1897 Aug 15, 2012
Woah, really strong imagery, i really felt the emotions .it was kinda choppy at bits but i enjoyed it
BlueVains BlueVains May 03, 2012
I loved it ! you really did put your emotions into this because I did feel emotions reading it.