Lessons From The Class Clown

Lessons From The Class Clown

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Madison By TheFirstWinterSnow Updated May 03, 2014

All Winter Phillips wanted was to have friends ... be more social in high school ... all in all, to just be noticed.  But, there was a problem with that ... she was probably THE most shy and reserved person you would ever meet, so it was practically impossible.  

Soon, after realizing she only had one more year left in her school, Winter finally decided to do something about her shyness.  That's where Mars Greene comes in ...

Mars Greene, is the very opposite of Winter.  In fact, he's known as the class clown in all of his classes.  And is well known to, pretty much, the entire student body as being the ultimate prankster and the funniest guy at Grayson High.

One day, after gathering up as much courage as she possibly could, Winter walks up to Mars, and asks him to help her out ... which, she soon regrets.

If only she knew the consequences of that decision beforehand.  I mean, seriously, what person in their right mind would take lessons from a class clown?

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xxyourloveistruexx xxyourloveistruexx Feb 04, 2013
Can you please update soon? I am craving for more and my curiosity is driving me mad!
Purple_Giraffe Purple_Giraffe May 16, 2012
Hey, Maddy:) I read stories from Kyeire and TheRiverRunsDeep. This is pretty good so far. It'd be way better if you didn't TEASE us! Lol just kidding. Thank Kyeire cuz she sent out messages that introduced me to the story. I hope you get the votes soon cuz otherwise I might die of anticipation.
Kyeire Kyeire May 16, 2012
Yay! I just realized that this chapter was dedicated to me! Yay! XD
Kyeire Kyeire May 16, 2012
NOOOOO! WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME!!!! DX>  What is he going to say?
                              I was so glad to see it was was updated. I have a feeling I'm going to like this story a lot~! 
                              I just can't wait for Mr. Greene to make his appearance! XD 
                              And daddy sounds adorable! XD
Kyeire Kyeire May 14, 2012
Aw come on! You're really going to tease me like this???? MOOOOOREEE WOMAN! 
                              I know where you live, and I will hunt you down!  XD