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A Bet Gone Wrong

A Bet Gone Wrong

3.4M Reads 32.5K Votes 7 Part Story
Tiana By xXTheBelieverXx Completed

This book only goes up to Chapter Three. It is undergoing editing so that it can enter the publishing process. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Book 1 of the "Gone Wrong" Series
"I bet you eight hundred bucks that I can get her to fall in love with me, and sleep with her, before football camp."
Cameron and his four other best friends (also known as the man-whores) have been betting each other to get with a girl, sleep with her, and break her heart. Unlike most guys though, they aren't exactly sweethearts. They're decieving boys who know how to do and say anything in order to win. What happens when Cameron has to make a bet where the girl must fall in love with him as well as sleep with him? She knows the rules, the game, even the boys (one being her best friend). Cameron has until football camp to woo her in order to win the bet. Will Rebecca fall for Cameron's trap?

LovelyLana143 LovelyLana143 Jul 22, 2016
Everyone's talking about how they dissected all of the cool animals and stuff. And I'm just like I dissected an uncooked chicken wing 😐
armeen9 armeen9 Sep 25, 2016
I dont want to think that that is Zac Efron, he is too sweet for this character
Gah.  My teacher! She even Snapchat in class and takes picture with handsome student for her Facebook status. Annoying AF
UnderTheStars953 UnderTheStars953 Sep 12, 2016
I like how he is not worried about rebecca but is worried for the guys😂
TyeWynterThompson TyeWynterThompson Dec 12, 2016
Damn I'm kind of sad I resaw the trailers and I've been wanting to reread it for a while. Lol when is it published?
Hahg11240 Hahg11240 Jan 15
It's none of your business for starters, she should not have been so dumb