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There are no such things as heroes.

     There are no such things as saviors.

     But there are such things as criminals, and the monstrous ones belong somewhere worse than hell.

     Within a broken empire, gears whisper secrets as magic tears through bone and soul. An empire in which rulers reside behind their walls, dance in gold and dress in silver, turning their eyes from the bloodshed of war.

     The prison is their creation, and they call it the Revium, a home for the most awful criminals and the shrieking insane. It slaughters the innocent. And it holds no mercy for the blamed.

     It survives to control their shattered world, born from the ridiculous wishes of locking away all they might fear. The Revium is made to fulfill their hopes, to submit to the crown, to obey its every command.

     And yet the prison is no longer kind.

  Copyright © Anastasia Ledyaeva
  Cover by @sugarcrystals

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