On His Leash (On Exteme Hold)

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Nicole By fantasy343 Updated 2 years ago
Being the daughter of a man hated by her entire pack isn't exactly a life wanted by anyone. Most girls would crack under the constant glares, smart remarks, insults, and hateful things done to her, but not Savannah White. She forces herself to stay strong and not let anyone knock her down. But, when her place is now at the bottom of the pack rather than nearing the top as it once was, her high held attitude does not help to get her back on the good side of the pack. However, she could not care less about what they think of her as long as she retains her pride and dignity. 
    Then again, who's to say that can't be taken from her as well? When Savannah becomes of age for the mating run and tries to escape all of the lustful men dying to sink their teeth into her and claim her for their own, will she end up running into the paws of someone worse than she could ever imagine? Can she manage to hold up and stay strong even in the worst of situations? Or will she crumble to the ground with no one to help her piece herself back together?
    This story is on a huge hold! I have lost my connection with the story, feeling like it's an early work of mine that needs to I've fully rewrote before I can finish it. I plan to do this one day! I'll be fixing up the plot and giving far more foreshadowing now that I know what I want to do with it. My apologizes for leaving my readers hanging.
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OMG chills. I was like "the dad" and then it was the dad and I'm like "oh shit! Why am I not wrong?!"
Oh wow! I'm so darn excited for this, that was such a sudden and unexpected change. As I was reading, I was confused as this didn't link to the blurb but now I see! Also, I was hesitant to read this due to the current book cover but I'm glad I did. This is a brilliant start, author!
Hey! It's good to see that this story is doing so well! Congrats, I hope you continue to do as well in the future! :) Tia~
Oh no! Why did her father betray his own pack?! He brought his own doom.
I love this, your writing style is pretty awesome to be fair. :) Hopefully I've come across a true werewolf story! To the next chapter. :)
Really good. I've only recently starting to like werewolf books but this is just darn amazing. I can't wait to read more. Carry on with the good work.