Bastian's Song

Bastian's Song

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Prince Bastian is the last in a long line of mermen blessed by the Goddess Selene with incredible power. As the tension between his clan and their mortal enemy rises, he prepares to go to war to gain vengeance for the murder of his father. 

Just after Bastian's coronation, new information comes to light in the form of an uninvited ambassador.  Can he trust that this daughter of his enemy is telling the truth? 
If she is not, can his clan survive the consequences?  
[Highest ranking #126 in Fantasy]
[Cover art by Canaryko @   and used with her full permission!]

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KendraLynnKrening KendraLynnKrening May 25, 2018
                              ^^^^^ check it out!!!
kv_wilson kv_wilson Jul 06, 2017
This is so cool! I'm interested to see what you've done with the tale of Atlantis. Or should I say "tail"? Haha sorry. Been a long day :P
mannasminion mannasminion Jul 08, 2017
                               Omg MER-chants!! Get it?! Lmao 😂😂😂
                              (Im sorry)
jesusfreak202 jesusfreak202 May 27, 2018
GAH.  This is so creative. I just love what you have done with the race building.  It's even better than my own new story Barbarian Mind.
ChristianOtaku ChristianOtaku May 21, 2018
Don't Naiads live in rivers and lakes? I think they generally have legs too, right? That is the mythology, generally speaking. Not trying to be annoying..😅 Is this not using those old stories?
ChristianOtaku ChristianOtaku May 21, 2018
Thanks for this. It is always helpful to have a reference when reading books with any kind of lore or differing nations. Hard to remember sometimes. So thanks again😄