Sweet Perfection

Sweet Perfection

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Genesis By one_more_dreamer Updated Jun 16, 2012

Jessie's life was the same as any other teenage girl's; she went to school, got good grades, spent time with her family. After turning sixteen, her parents granted her more freedom. It got even better when she spilled coffee on Harry Styles, 1/5 of One Direction. Hanging out with the five amazing boys provided a daily adventure and reassurance that she had great singing potential. But it all gets too complicated when Jessie has to choose between two of the band members, Zayn and Harry. Who will she choose? Or will she choose none? Will she continue to become a successful artist? Or will she drop everything because it's too much?

Read to find out!(;

Btw, I DO NOT claim rights to my cover picture. I did NOT take the actual picture. If whoever took it wants to sue me one day, I apologize. Lol, just taking precautions.

one_more_dreamer one_more_dreamer May 19, 2012
@nonameyet I'll post more later on during the week, I'm kind of busy at the moment lol. But I'll keep going, don't worry! Again, thank youu.xx
smilelikehoran smilelikehoran May 16, 2012
I love how you used the song, especially if it is going to tie in later on!  Can't wait to read on!
CrazyGirl34 CrazyGirl34 May 16, 2012
@one_more_dreamer Awww =( but I totally understand because school comes first!! =) I'll be looking forward to the update. I was so excited when I saw this was about Zayn Malik and Harry Styles because I'm borderline obsessed with both of them haha
one_more_dreamer one_more_dreamer May 16, 2012
@CrazyGirl34 Thanks! :) I might not post the 6th chapter soon, because I have AP exams and final exams coming up that I need to study for, but I will eventually.
CrazyGirl34 CrazyGirl34 May 16, 2012
Awesome!! I'm definitely going to be reading more!! I also didn't find any grammar/spelling mistakes!! Great job! =)
one_more_dreamer one_more_dreamer Apr 28, 2012
@MakeMeSmileXOXO Haha thank you! Christina Perri is one of my new obsessions c:. Her voice is sweet and powerful! Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! (: xx -Genesis