Mysterious Stranger

Mysterious Stranger

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мαяʏ By DoceMary Updated Jun 09, 2017

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From His POV :
" [...]
        And when I'm finally grown up and used to the cold and lonely water, it becomes too shallow for swimming, my feet reach the ground and corals skeletons stab my skin. She at the same time promises and denies me the one thing I never thought I'd want again. I can see an island now, with footprints on its sand and the remains of a wrecked ship.

   Would I rather be lonely in the cold water? Or bleed my skin on the way to the unknown?

    [...] "

Who is she? Whatever name the identity says. 

For every city she's a different person. And she can't stop running, because even sharks drown if they stop swimming. 

This shark had forgotten what a normal life felt like when a mysterious man came and brought new meaning to her mere existence. 

Now she couldn't live without him and everyone died around her.


Who is he? A survivor.

He had everything taken from him and upon nothing he built a tower. Now he is one of the richest men alive. 

He had made sure nobody would take anything away from him ever again. What he wanted he conquered. 

And he wanted that mysterious woman.

The story starts to unfold at chapter 2...

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BreathTakingMind222 BreathTakingMind222 Apr 08, 2017
Don't fall in love huh? Ok, I'll be here for the day that gets broken
theinkslingerr theinkslingerr Apr 03, 2017
Oh God...I'm going to begrudgingly like him, aren't I?
                              And he'll probably end up dying once he's become Cora's best friend and confidant. 😩 
                              I can see it now.
theinkslingerr theinkslingerr Apr 03, 2017
Ooooh and the first paycheck always takes the longest to come because of payroll adding and processing you etc. Yikes! She's reaaaaally gonna have to stretch. Like, $1 ramen noodles for all three meals stretch it.
theinkslingerr theinkslingerr Apr 03, 2017
Oh wow. You know, now that I think of it, I've never met a female mechanic before.
                              Intrigued x1000000000000
theinkslingerr theinkslingerr Apr 03, 2017
Mechanics also hook up machines to cars and it tells them what's wrong in the form of a code. Cars are basically just giant computers these days.
BreathTakingMind222 BreathTakingMind222 Apr 08, 2017
With such etiquette, he needs to hire you...if he doesn't, kick him where the sun don't shine.