Property Of The Alpha

Property Of The Alpha

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Punkxst By Punkxst Updated Mar 28, 2017

[This will soon be available on Radish only.]

I gasped when I came out the bathroom, and saw Gabriel on my bed. 

He then looked up, and stared at my body, lustfully. 

"When I said you were mine, I meant it." He said, huskily. 

He then got up, and walked over to me.

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glueeater glueeater Mar 28, 2017
it may take me a while, but you know I'll buy the chapters ;)
c_ianniello c_ianniello Aug 17, 2017
I'm kind of confused because Radish is the same as Wattpad so that is kind of annoying how I have to get another app and make another account. Like Wattpad is better😭😂
Lola_star_yay Lola_star_yay May 19, 2017
Wow the books I want to read always seem to be on radish now a days...
BloodyTwinz BloodyTwinz Jun 15, 2017
Whyyy must you do this!?!? I just wanted to read this book!! This is so sad all the good books gone :(  RIP!
strawberryW16 strawberryW16 Mar 28, 2017
So I'm a little confused about this is the whole book free or do you have to pay for it