Enchanted // h.s [On Hold]

Enchanted // h.s [On Hold]

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felicity By MissHoranette Updated Dec 27, 2013

News Flash: One Direction have hit rock bottom.

It's been two years since the disastrous Taylor Swift/Kendall Jenner incident and One Direction have hit rock bottom. Dumped by their record label and most of their fans, they are desperate to relive the glory days. Now able to freely roam around unrecognised, One Direction watch a Clockwork (global superstar girlband) concert, and happen to bump into one of its members, Megan Vega, one of the few Directioners left. She can help them back on their feet. But it might include a love affair with a certain Harry Styles.

Megan is hiding secrets. Why does she spend all her time at her mother's restaurant? Who is this mysterious little girl that the Vega family never talks about? Why does she have a rusty old car and why is her mum's restaurant going bankrupt — where does all Megan's money disappear to? 
Harry is determined to find out.

© Copyright Felicity Ashwell 2013

BlackRider19 BlackRider19 Jan 13, 2013
@KissMeImTazzy Hahahaha send me a link?? and lmao true chiz xD
- - Jan 13, 2013
@xXParamoreFanXx IT WAS HILARIOUS! Oh and yeah I was mega suprised! Ah well! Means I get 1 more Gosh shipper and JCat to fangirl with in this group!
BlackRider19 BlackRider19 Jan 13, 2013
@KissMeImTazzy And awhh Tazzy :(
                              and oh lol how Lana's a JCat now :P
- - Jan 13, 2013
@xXParamoreFanXx @MissHoranette Did you se that Chubby Bunny video with D3 and UJ started throwing popcorn at them so they got distracted? It was at some photoshoot, they had a massive popcorn fight!
                              Ironically it was the sae day as George's accident..
BlackRider19 BlackRider19 Jan 13, 2013
@MissHoranette MUTINY!!!!! XD hahaha nahh I don't mind lol I'm just shocked is all :P but yeahh UJ's talent is indisputable :)
MissHoranette MissHoranette Jan 13, 2013
@HollyShort4723 Hahahaha! XD
                              @xAmberr_1Dx I will ;)
                              @ormocdirectioners Yay!
                              @KissMeImTazzy Hahahaha THEY'RE HERE!
                              @xXParamoreFanXx But I'm still a bigger 3eek!