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Jasslyn Brookside has always harboured a curiosity for her childhood friend. She can't be blamed: Jacoby Harold is constantly trailed by flowers and plants, the occasional balloon or firework.

He isn't the only one.

From the day Jasslyn could form the thought that this was out of the ordinary, she has seen others like him. Men who stand like statues, as if hoping no one would see them. Women who walk around pretending nothing is wrong while vines as thick as pythons slither after them.

After a chance encounter with two reportedly "missing" people, Jasslyn realizes that her past and future are more entwined with Jacoby's than she ever imagined.

When she finds out the extent to which their paths cross, a message becomes clear to her: to delve too deep into Jacoby's world would mean unearthing secrets she would be safer without.

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deevdee deevdee Jun 30, 2013
I like your writing style it flowed easy and caught my attention it was a great start so far
book-obsessed book-obsessed Mar 05, 2013
                              Keep up the work with the same passion as you have in the very first chapter of your story. It has caught my attention, and I'll be reading along to see how the story takes place. Applause for your work! :)
spinningclouds spinningclouds Feb 28, 2013
Oooops, I think I just ruined the story for any new readers..
spinningclouds spinningclouds Feb 28, 2013
Now that I'm re-reading the first chapter, I finally realised that the newly born is Tweed..
JenBis JenBis May 26, 2012
I read your description, I usually don't read fantasy but it seems pretty good x
elpajarodiferente elpajarodiferente Mar 29, 2012
It always confuses me when the story starts with characters different from the ones in the description, but this was pulled off. I like the mysterious prologue, that just grabs the reader's attention.
                              Confusion is a good aspect for this story.