To See Our Love [Twilight FanFiction](Bella & Alice Love Story)girlxgirl

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Bella Swan is living in Forks, a small town in Washington. Living with her father, the town chief deputy, she never really found love. Then Alice Cullen comes into the picture. To Bella she is perfect, beautiful and everything that she has ever wanted but Alice has a secret and a dark past. Will Bella be able to accept it... and live through it. Will these two realize their newly developing feelings for one another or will an old friendship come between the two lovers and tear them apart?
Pls omg Alice is so fücking attractive to me ;-; she adorbs
I love it and unlike some prejudiced people I dont have anything against lesbians my best friends are lesbians but I am wondering, where did you get that picture?
Please continue to write this story. I like it a lot and it is very exciting.
I have to agree wit ya I mite read it but not sure lik @goofypeace I'm not 100% against it n I say I'm not cause people should luv who they want even though its nasty but u now n some people r made lik that
Why lesbian you should have done a twist and made it were she chooses jakeup and nit Edward !!!!! I'm against lesbian and gayness 100%  but your a good writer (shrugs ) but I mean this makes me wanna gaag but I'm still going to read it bc I want to know what your going to do with thus book .
well if you don't like it don't read it and I think bella and alice are cute together