A Whole New World [BoyxBoy (sequel to AALY)]

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Alice By AllyEatsUrBrain Updated 3 years ago
"I want to go to Portugal" That was the decision which made Alex cross paths with wonderfull new friends. But in his new town, people aren't as tolerant as he was expecting.
    With Sam and Alice, his new little lgbt supporter friend, by his side, everything will be easier, but will he be able to do it or will he miss his old life too much?
u'r book title reminds me of the song ' a whole new world' in the disney movie aladin
I loved this. Though, I'm really sad Dylan and James are gone. :(
@xcxxxv everyone has their own talents i am sure that you are great at something and sometimes you dont even notice it
@xcxxxv haha i am actually really good at reading emotions for some reasons so i can totally relate to the characters and the game to me its everday life
@poetryrocks15 same, it was so sweet. if i was good at reading people i would play this game <3
awe i totally loved the beginning of this how making others feel better helped alex