Amelia -On hold-

Amelia -On hold-

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YOLOTIME By rain009 Updated Jul 03, 2012

Meet Amelia Mason. 

The  16 year old prodigy heir to the family business who specializes in dealing with weapons for the government. She's smart, beautiful and always plays it cool. She does more that live up to her name as one of 'The Masons'. But she's also cold and sentimental and has a hell of a hard time dealing with people.

Then one day as she is walking back from school. She encounters a strange sword and a strange man. Than bish-bang-badang, she somehow enters a whole new world where things she thought were myths and legends come alive.

But that's not all. Her past is dark and sinister. Something she doesn't want to remember and tries her best to forget. Something she will have to face one day. Something that could destroy her completely.

Follow her as she is thrown in a world she never thought could exist. Watch her as she encounters trouble she never wanted. And smile as she learns about, for the first time, a little thing called love.

abbehlulu abbehlulu Jul 10, 2012
ooooh its very good so far :) the story was interesting as well