Lust, Love & the Forgotten Beauty

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melissan2583 By melissan2583 Updated 9 months ago
Life sucks at least that's what Abigail Levy thought after the death of her foster parents. Faced with the regret of there death, she discovers shes no ordinary girl. But a werewolf. As she tries to move on with her step brother Magnus, shes thrusted into a new unknown world. Where she meets Seth Mayer beta to the Black Legion Pack. As Seth comes into her life, he awakens desires that has remained dormant since her parents death. Just when she thought everything was going great and begins to feel a longing for him. She comes face to face with Riker the Alpha of the Black legion pack and also her future mate. The same alpha Veronica has wrapped around her little finger. But what happens when secrets from her past threaten to change her very existence.
abby seth could be your brother or cousin or some relative long down the line.
yeah I know! tears came to my eyes as well. abby really didn't know what was going on with her body in the really wasn't her fault that her and magnus parents were killed in an accident by way of abby turning into a wolf that caused them their death.
im loving this soo far, its a bit sexual but still amazing. very captivating :DD x
OMG-- I swear tears came to my eyes.!! Had some parts that were funny tho!
What's the name of the girl who plays Abby of and Seth he's hot who is he ?
Powerful end quote and yes brought me a few tears