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Molly Louise By MollyLouise Completed

Eleanora Hope not only reads the obits with too much enthusiasm, but is only a half step away from being classified as a crazy cat lady at twenty-one.

She was a full-blown Sage following the death of her grandmother shortly after high school, and with no plans to go to college, Ella discovers not only is there a fine line between homebody and hermit, but it’s one she’s not afraid to tread. 

But life goes sideways when two Heavenly dropouts arrive unexpectedly in her graveyard. Ella’s not sure what to do with them, much less how to handle when Abigail Leonore and the Sage Council show up at her door wanting a piece of the action – and her power. But there’s something not quite right about Abigail, and Ella’s buried childhood – and her parents’ murders – comes back with a vengeance. 

Between assassination attempts, and a burgeoning romance she has absolutely no idea how to handle, Ella’s cottage and graveyard become the proverbial war zone, and she stands to lose everything to murder, magic, and greed.

AsherTensei AsherTensei Dec 30, 2013
Your cover is phenomenal! And I really like the names you have chosen for your characters. When I read this, I feel like I know what writing is all about.
ivory05 ivory05 Jan 31, 2013
i got a feeling that i will read something good here as i read more.. just could not pin point it.. will read and add it up..
theonewiththedreams theonewiththedreams Dec 28, 2012
Okay, I thought these quotes symbolized a lot of things, and really gives you suspense about the book. I am looking SO FORWARD to reading on. :)
NDMahshid NDMahshid Jul 19, 2012
Hey, I' not a para/adventure fan, but I like reading, so I just finished your first chapter, and for your faith in your story, it's voted. 
                              Good job and Good luck! :)
thegood thegood Jun 11, 2012
Very very well written! 
                              When I read open floor plan, my architects and architecture class came into mind...
                              I wish you all the best of luck! Your writing is extremely well, amazing haha! I have to come back to this story, since I have other stories to read! :P
Abbzygail Abbzygail May 19, 2012
I was so intriged (spelling?) this has got to be one of the best written stories iv read on her..... your wording is fabulous and the discriptions are great... i can tell you spent time working on this and it really shows