An Unexpected Romance

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Gaby By muffinsmurf49 Completed
“Mio dio, I love the way you say my name” His voice was a husky whisper, and Gema took a step back, caught off guard. He stared at her intently, shoving his hands into his pockets. “What do you want” he snapped at her, and Gema hesitated.
    	“Well I…..I’ve been thinking over your offer, and…” Gema said, sitting down now, and He shook his head from the window. 
             “Do we have a deal or not?” Gema looked at him, seeing the mischievous glint to his eye, and her resolve wavered. But the small part of her, the part that wanted to wrap herself in this man and never resurface, spoke up. 
    	“Deal” Gema held out her hand to shake and he chuckled, stepping close to her, his eyes hooded by heavy lids. 
    	“In my country, we do a little more than just shake on it” 
    	His hand grasped hers and yanked her into him, and Gema gasped in surprise as she landed against his hard chest. She looked up into his hazel eyes, and he placed a hand on her chin lightly, tilting her towards him as she drowned in his eyes.
            Gema Dodge is marrying Doug Borden, The most eligible bachelor in Manhattan. The problem? Doug isn't exactly the same guy behind closed doors. When Gema gets the offer of a life time from the mysterious and sophisticated Vistos, to get out of her situation with Doug and finally make a life for herself, will she take it? Even if it means compromising herself with another man?
i just finished reading the chapter that must have been sooooooo embarrassing
If I was Gemma I would be planning an escape and high tailing it out of Dodge!!!  I can already say that I DO NOT LIKE Doug--he has got to go!!!
                                    Great story and writing here!!
The "beautiful stranger" is amazingly described. Great job of hooking in the readers. :)
I read it then got to a really sad part then started crying. So I skipped to see what would happen then went back two chapters then skipped again and read it to the end. Now I'm rereading it from start to finish. LoLz!
I read this story monts ago...n i've read it twice...its just awesomee:)
I love this story! I was hooked from the first chapter. I just wish there was some kind of closure with jaime, he seemed so nice D: