The Hidden Truth

The Hidden Truth

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iStylesQueen By iStylesQueen Updated Aug 02, 2012

Aisha and Tiffany, two best friends since forever. One has a dark secret that nobody knows and the others boyfriend is known to be a player. Problems are brewing. Will everyone deal with them and face them or will they let it get in the way and become distant towards each other. Hearts will be broken, lives will be changed forever and secrets will be revealed. 

She stood up and yelled, “I am not touching him let alone kiss him, no way!”

“Come on, don’t be such a downer.” Louis said.

Everyone started chanting “KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!”

She kept protesting but then I stood up and walked towards her, her back was turned to face me so she didn’t see me. I spun her around and crashed my lips into hers. Everyone started quieting down, at first she was stiff and didn’t react but then slowly our lips started moving in sync.

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This is my first fanfic, don't judge xoxo

1DMilkshakes 1DMilkshakes Mar 03, 2012
Love it very much. I already read it sometime, love the story. ♥
puja2000puja puja2000puja Mar 01, 2012
u are pro at this aisha its amazing i can't say anything else please right more :) can't wait for the next chapter :)