His Assistant

His Assistant

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Uniqueness_ By Uniqueness_ Updated Nov 07, 2016

"Go takes these files to room 213." He demanded not even daring to look into my eyes. Ignoring his order I continue with my work and in a sudden move he pushes me against the wall.                  

"Didn't I say to do something a few minutes ago?" He questioned and tilted his head. Scrunching my face I answer. "Yes but don't you see me doing my other work sir?" I answered looking in his eyes with a duh face.                       

Without even noticing he grabs my face and looks deep into my soul. Those deep brown eyes can hypnotize in so many ways leaving me breathless. "What's with the attitude Rose?" Hearing my name through his mouth is like music to my ears. "I-I umm..." He does this to me every time.                                 

Speechless is the answer taking the words from my mouth and keeping me shut within seconds. Leaning in closer his lips brush upon mine, taking the sweet sensation.

britaurus21 britaurus21 Mar 05, 2016
Yea very offensive to me black and nigga. Could you rank him without saying his race or using the nigga word
Kaiyahpinkipie Kaiyahpinkipie Aug 15, 2016
It days he has broken eyes in this but in the pic on the side/top it's blue
ThatChicaLexi ThatChicaLexi Jan 05, 2014
- Yaaasss He Sound Gorgeous! And I 'Wanna Be In The Story. Let Me Be Steph