A Genuine Infatuation and A Theorem for Love

A Genuine Infatuation and A Theorem for Love

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-anonymous- By surviving_heart952 Updated Mar 13, 2014

Linda has always been engrossed in her own world of books and a deep passion for studies. So much that it dwindled with her capacity to mingle amongst others - like any ordinary teenager would have committed to doing so. This worked worry into her parents' minds, though. Alexander and Eleanor put their heads together to form a solution to their daughter's peculiar conduct. 

*Marriage – they discover to be, a perfect resolution to it all.*

  Now, Linda has forever been an obedient and faithful daughter. Yet, this decision throws her off guard with her so-called fiancé wreaking havoc in her life. He’s charming, alluring and a man after great a many skirts in the whole of Lancaster.

  Would Linda cope with her parents’ wish for her betterment of a great future? Would she after-all marry the man destined to be hers? Or would she rather surprise us all, taking a turn to command her own fate?

  Read on and come into Linda’s path on the brink of discovering the connotation of true love away from mere infatuation – a story you have never experienced afore.

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Forever_more Forever_more Aug 04, 2013
Hi I'am your partner!I really love to whole concept of this story just by the reading the about section!
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Hola, I'm your ready partner. I have nothing to say.. This is just really good. I like your style of writer and your character seems to be very wise. Voted(: