The Unwitting Thief

The Unwitting Thief

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Kerrie Ann Salsac By KerrieSalsac Updated Jun 02, 2016

*** ATTENTION - This is a rewrite so if you read this story before April 2016, then I'm afraid a lot has changed! ***

Thomas hasn't had much luck in life, and not much of a choice in it either. 

But now, when a job of subterfuge and betrayal pushes Thomas out of the city with a band of Travellers, his life is turned upside down and the lives of the people he loves are placed precariously in his hands.

But the world isn't as black and white as it seems, and as Thomas falls deeper into the secrets hidden within the outskirts of the kingdom, he finds that a civil war is the least of their worries.

With his new friends, and his eyes opened to a new world, can Thomas do what is necessary? And can he do it without dooming those he loves?

This Epic Fantasy story explores the bonds of family, friends and lovers, tested by pain and suffering in a world hidden from sight, ready to burst into action at the slightest touch...

  • adventure
  • family
  • friendship
  • legend
  • love
  • thieves
silverstonelove silverstonelove Apr 03, 2016
I know it's a bit late but if you need any more help I'll be happy to help just send me a private message
Teamjordan4ever Teamjordan4ever Jan 13, 2016
Do people talk in this book? Way to discriptive so far...i want something to happen already
Teamjordan4ever Teamjordan4ever Jan 13, 2016
Always ready to help readers...plz take a look at mine it needs help too...thanks
MysteryUniverse101 MysteryUniverse101 Jan 07, 2016
It would be amazing to join this! Please let me know how to be a beta to help you. I'm looking forward to doing it if you let me!
pantopicon pantopicon Dec 04, 2015
Would love to participate! Let me know if you are still looking for betas!
Saffaria Saffaria Dec 03, 2015
This is a great start to what I believe will be a great new story for me to read.