Power of a destiny

Power of a destiny

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SmurfsandMuppets By SmurfsandMuppets Updated Mar 16, 2012

Born on the 29th of Frebruary during a full moon Anabele alwys knew that she was special. She was told so since she was little. But little did her family know that she was even more special than they first thought.

Body snatchers have been tormenting in supernatural world for years now. They take and take whoever they think are special, are powerful. Anebele is no different and is taken by the body snatchers to any supernaturals hell hole. Here she meets many important people who play a vital role in her destiny.

Will she escape from here and show all of the supernatural world how bad things have gone? Will she bring peace and end the never ending wars between each species? Will she be able to fullfill her destiny?

  • anabele
  • cameron
  • dawn
  • mason
  • wolf
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