Stray (Old draft--don't read this)

Stray (Old draft--don't read this)

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YuffieProductions By YuffieProductions Completed

I met him by accident. He was trying to kill himself. 

As an ambitious high school senior, I was touring the school of my dreams: Yale University. Call it a coincidence, fate, destiny--whatever--but being the good Samaritan I was, I thwarted one student's ill-planned suicide attempt. I saved Darren's life.

I should have felt good, right? Like the world was all rainbows and sunshine since I did a good deed? Sadly, life didn't work that way for me.

Maybe it was the mental stress from almost shooting himself that turned Darren into a basket case. The guy started stalking me. But I can't be too quick to call the cops on him, because he's not humoring some fetish. 

Someone wants him dead, and it's starting to look like I'm the one who'll have to save him. Again.

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bunnyatebob bunnyatebob Dec 26, 2013
Y do u have to redo it!!! I loved the old one I read it over and over again
JKLatham JKLatham Oct 21, 2013
Wolf's Rain! That anime made my sob like a little baby and stare numbly at my television for the last two episodes... crap. Feels.
KylieBrock KylieBrock Sep 12, 2013
Love that you put this up, wish more authors would be more like you
tdlm123 tdlm123 Aug 15, 2013
I like it how you dont say like most people do 'please dont correct me or keep comments to ur self'
Nici4eva Nici4eva Jul 30, 2013
Amazin story and characters!!!!!! 1 of the best ive read!!!!!<3
YuffieProductions YuffieProductions Jul 24, 2013
@pandagirl231 And too many people seem to ignore my Constructive Criticism Only request.... so I got tired of repeating myself, and there are far too many comments to delete or whatever anyway. xP But if you can find any places to improve the story, I'd love to hear your thoughts.