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BOOKIE14 By BOOKIE14 Updated Oct 21, 2011

"Life has betrayed me once again,
I accept some things will never change.
I've let your tiny minds magnify my agony,
and it's left me with a chem'cal dependency for sanity.

Yes, I am falling... how much longer till I hit the ground?
I can't tell you why I'm breaking down.
Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone?
Have I really lost control?

I'm coming to an end,
I've realised what I could have been.
I can't sleep so I take a breath and hide behind my bravest mask,
I admit I've lost control"

By: Anathema

LotsaLuv LotsaLuv Jun 21, 2011
Very well written and although the voice seems kinda mean, i like it :) can't wait to see where this story goes
LadyHollie LadyHollie Jun 04, 2011
Oh wow! Uber thrilling and mysterious with a hint of creepiness!! A very well-written intro, it surely hooked me.
HeatherMcCorkle HeatherMcCorkle Feb 27, 2011
Oh wow this is wonderfully creepy! I was sucked right in and felt her fear and anxiety. With a bit of work and editing this is going to be really good!
shelbylw03 shelbylw03 Jan 31, 2011
This is a really good story, your grammar is great and you stay in the same tense.  Which I'm horrible with.  Really interesting plot line, and the voice is evil. :-)
xWinglessx xWinglessx Jan 29, 2011
The voice isnt that nice... -.-
                              But i love it- its got an interesting plot :)
Rachybab3 Rachybab3 Jan 29, 2011
I like this. It's a pretty interesting start. Although, I must say the voice is a complete jerk!