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After School

After School

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Bryony Leah By bryonymagee Completed

"In the beginning, we were only messing around. One moment, Mel and I were joking about what we'd like to do to him as we sat watching him mark papers through the classroom window. The next, he and I were joking about how oblivious the rest of the school was to our relationship. It was like living inside of a TV show...except, the end credits never came; we just kept pushing the limits, falling deeper and deeper into our own private, blissful universe until, eventually - inevitably - we collided head-first with the real world, and from then onwards, not even laughter could ease the impact of the chaos we'd created..."

Annabel has never had a boyfriend. Melody has had plenty. In fact, most of the girls at St Madeleine's have at least experienced their first kiss. So, when the young new English teacher, Mr Clare, arrives at the school, turning every girl weak at the knees with his deep voice and sparkly-eyed smile, it's no wonder Annabel falls harder than most for his charm. 

What Annabel doesn't expect, though, is for her feelings to be reciprocated. But soon she finds herself immersed in a dangerously secret world: a world in which she and Mr Clare forget that rules exist, and spend time after school bonding over their love for Literature, music and - eventually - each other.

Things aren't so wonderful, though, as Annabel quickly realises. Secrets can't be kept forever, especially where jealous best friends are concerned. And when the truth finally emerges, nothing will ever be the same for Annabel, Melody or Mr Clare, again...

i go to an all girls school w several young male teachers so im enjoying this alreayd
phephre phephre Apr 19
God I read this line like 5 times trying to understand why he said "lit" lol
                              Not dealing with a demonic doll 
                              NOT TODAY SATAN!!!
hemmobuterafly hemmobuterafly Oct 29, 2016
Omgggg my friend's name is Annabel😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Personality_Crisis24 Personality_Crisis24 Aug 17, 2016
Granny in the hizzout! Im older than the majority here😂. Kids of today though*
The stereotypical oohs and ahhs in just about every teacherxstudent book where the guy teacher is INSANELY HAWT is always my favorite part