Beloved & Mate ✔️[Fang and Canine Series Book 1]

Beloved & Mate ✔️[Fang and Canine Series Book 1]

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• Blake Alexander • By darthowl Completed

"Did I ignore you too much my big bad wolf?" Lana whispered into Wolf's ear. He groaned in satisfaction at her words. 

"I'm sorry if I neglected you." Lana said and she bit into the Roman's neck, making him lose the air in his lungs in a whoosh. "But I think I know a way to make it up to you mate."

--------Fang and Canine Series Book One--------

Lanakila is a vampire that has been roaming Earth for a long long time.

Roman is a werewolf who has had a shorter life compared to Lana.

When Lana decides to come out of her decades long of solitude, she comes across Roman who claims that they are mates the second he lays eyes upon her.

Roman at first doesn't notice the mate he has been waiting for is a thousand year old magnificent vampire but when he does, his inexperience in the face of her life long knowledge scares him. 

In a world where a vampire and a werewolf has never been mates before, can their bond endure? 

Could Roman be her Beloved?

Can Lana be his Mate?

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