Fashion Empress

Fashion Empress

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/An original story- my work/
She was the present day most arrogant and foul-mouthed popular actress and fashion designer of the 22nd century. 

She had an argument with her Grandmother, who loved Chinese tradition and the 'outdated' fashion, and ended up grounded for 1 week. She was locked inside the ancestral hall, kneeling and begging for forgiveness. With her feisty and hot tempered attitude, Jing An not only prayed, but cursed her ancestors many times over. 

Angry at her insolence and arrogance, the original Ancestor decided to send her to the Shen Hu Dynasty and give her a taste of how luxurious and fashionable clothes were at that time (biased ancestor!).

Now transmigrated back in time to a girl with the same face, same name, but different temperament, Jing An found herself on a marvelous sedan headed to the palace for her imperial marriage to the Emperor as his Empress! 

Not showing up for their first night?!

Embarrassing her family of scholars?

Looking at her as a piece of trash just because the clothes she brought with her dowry were not as fashionable and alluring as the other 'sexy' consorts?!

Go die with your consorts! Don't want a dirtied king anyway. 

Let this granny show you what is fashionable!  

(The ancestors were like: No! you'll change the whole history!!)

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