the failings of a surgically healed heart | a collection

the failings of a surgically healed heart | a collection

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the failings of a surgically healed heart, is a series of autobiographical poems arranged into six thematic parts to form a collection which examines the idea of the collective and how that informs individual.

i. family

an exploration of my relationship with the men and boys in my household and how that has worsened, whilst the opposite is true of the rest of my family

ii. immigrant

an exploration of the immigrant experience and how as the first child of igbo parents; i was the intermediate between the east and west 

iii. spirituality

an exploration of growing up in the catholic faith and an examination of all its faults and hypocrisies.

iv. loving

an exploration of friendship, artistry, sexuality, failed romance, but most importantly self-love and all it entails.

v. womanhood

an exploration of how in many ways puberty was a bitter sweet reality check along with everything that it entailed.

vi. catharsis

a reflection on the worst period of time in my life where, with hindsight, i come to terms with harsh and lovely realities of life and death.

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