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Dead Frames

Dead Frames

301 Reads 37 Votes 8 Part Story
S. A. Lusher By S_A_Lusher Completed

Geoff Wheeler is a private eye just trying to get along in a cold world. Most of the time he runs the simple jobs: angry spouses paying him to tail unfaithful significant others. He and his partner have a nice little operation going and Geoff is content with his life.

Then a trophy wife from the suburbs hunts him down, waving a load of cash around and demanding that he uncover the truth behind her son's death. From the start, the case seems very odd. A genuine mystery.

But as Geoff digs deeper, things go from curious to creepy to downright terrifying as he locates a camera that might contain the first genuine proof of paranormal activity...

  • detective
  • horror
  • mystery
  • noir
  • paranormal