Torn Up Love

Torn Up Love

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Panda By mizpanda Updated Feb 16, 2018


"Stop messing" He said, clearly not amused with my games.
I took this as an advantage and moved myself closer to him. "Make me"
"Aren't I the one that's supposed to be begging?" I pouted, wanting his attention.
The bored frustrated look he wore seemed to go darker. He tilted his own head now, narrowing his eyes. He spun me and pushed me down onto the couch which made me stare up at him in surprise.
"Begging" he growled lowly, "It would be nice to see you beg"

Is it possible to love your best friend?
Especially one with a dark secret... oh and a dark kink.

Sex, Love, Hotness, Danger, Death
What more could you want in a book?