The Rising Sun (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [2]

The Rising Sun (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [2]

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{ alyssa } By _hogwartian_ Completed

Emma Brisbane was never normal, but now she's not even herself. After losing her memory, she must find her way back into her old life, including her relationships. Stiles Stilinski technically never stopped being her boyfriend, Emma just happened to forget. Now, the pair must not only work their way back to each other, but fight off the supernatural that is constantly torturing the town of Beacon Hills.


Book 2 to Chasing the Moon.

Based off season 2 of Teen Wolf.

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AutumnXCrocus AutumnXCrocus Oct 31, 2017
OHHHHH I get it, so she's basically the Malia in this situation and her and Stiles will fall in love again
randombethhh randombethhh Apr 05, 2017
This is so sad like she spent the whole of the last book remembering her sister and mom and always talking about them and no she doesn't even know who they are
PoisonedYouth57 PoisonedYouth57 Aug 08, 2016
watxrparks_ watxrparks_ Oct 10, 2016
Miguel go cross the border or something  
                              (Sorry if that was offensive)
LynnPines LynnPines Jan 24, 2017
Arkansas finally get recognition in a fanfiction!!!!!!!!!! That is my home!!!!!!!! I A PROUD TO BE A SOUTHERN!!!!!!!!
MiaMarNo MiaMarNo Aug 06, 2016
Ahem where da hell is your baseball bat? 
                              Get a grip dude or I will knock some sense into you.... O wait...... He might just get amnesia too....