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The Book

The Book

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Phil By MinerMine Updated Jun 15, 2013

In an age where signs of the ancient Nerathian race are almost non-existent there are those who still live under the oppression created by the forces of humankind. Hidden within society are the few remaining peoples who still have the “old blood” coursing through their veins. Most are blissfully unaware of their own heritage, going about daily life never realizing the potential they have inside. In the land of Shranelyn peace was all that the people knew, but change was on the horizon. One of the last writings of an almost forgotten race predicts that in the coming years the “old blood will sing once again”. The king, Klishmar, has other ideas and control of The Book. He means to ensure that will never happen but even the most cautious cannot predict where it will begin.  	The purge of the Nerathian race called the “Kin Wars” has faded in the minds of the people and after a thousand years magic is but a myth. Anyone who shows signs of extraordinary talents is reported and removed following the laws laid down centuries ago. There are some families who have remained hidden even after all this time but there are times when they cannot hide all of the signs. 	Raethar has lived his whole life thinking it mere coincidence that he has had to move so frequently. As he comes of age he begin to suspect that there may be things his parents are not telling him but his trust is complete. His life has barely begun and yet the trials that await him will forever change lands of Shranelyn. 	The call of “The Blood” has become strong after so long buried and change is on the winds. Knowledge long lost to his race will resurface, and the fate of the world may well rest on Raethar’s ability to unlock secrets thought lost forever to the sands of time.

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  • epic-fantasy
  • magic
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EBRoses EBRoses Jun 11, 2013
The first sentence gets me interested, I love fantasy books and this one is very unique. Quite a bit of mistakes, but the details make up for that on a long shot. Nice style of writing, hope you continue. Nice beginning as well, keep it up.
FindMyInspiration FindMyInspiration Feb 27, 2013
Amazingly detailed! And a great way to start off the story. It leave you wondering. :)
Bookworm177 Bookworm177 Feb 12, 2013
This is a really good start, it gives the readers a straight forwards look upon the ideas that you have towards the book. Well done, this is a very good story, voted :D
Aree43 Aree43 Feb 05, 2013
As i have tried to post before about your prologue
                              "I love it!" It's very creative and has a smooth enough read with some question to it, really makes me want to read more/ find out about the author of the book
MinerMine MinerMine Jan 26, 2013
Thanks for the comment. I always feel like I have a long way to go before I can really polish this up but I am always happy to hear that a reader enjoys my work.
Halfblood_Princess Halfblood_Princess Jan 26, 2013
The names are so unique and I like it. The intro/blurb is really great and just by reading it I already liked this story. It is amazingly detailed, the story idea is great. I love fantasy stories with some magic in them so I will add your story to my reading list.