Can You Feel My Heart (MFF)

Can You Feel My Heart (MFF)

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Violet Thompson doesn't have a normal life. She's a bit of an unintentional loner that doesn't get along with her parents. 
Her daily life consists of dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and a part-time job that is sucking the life out of her. It isn't perfect, but it's her life.

Ben and Katie Parker just moved back into town after spending years moving from state to state, while Ben was gaining experience and knowledge from some of the country's top chefs. Both ready to settle down and start living out their dreams of owning their own restaurant and starting a family.

Neither one of them planned on a nineteen-year old and her daughter weaseling their way in and becoming a vital piece of their happiness.

Is it love or is it just a crush? Violet doesn't know for sure, but one thing is certain. They make her feel important. Special. Whole.

***This is a story that contains a relationship between three people. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple. As it stands, it isn't going to be overly sexual. That might change as I am writing it, but for now it's PG-13.***

Awww man the really lace dresses used to irritate me too baby girl lol
Her parents seem like the real uptight, overbearing, and just plane crazy type smh.
Omg I could just see her little cute self lol. Reminds me of when my nieces were younger.
CaityJohnson56 CaityJohnson56 Nov 09, 2015
This sounds like a good book but that's  my brother and I's names
KWhite2015 KWhite2015 Aug 06, 2015
sounds like my god cousin.... also named Destiny... Think its a name thing?
TheGreenChild TheGreenChild May 25, 2015
Oh and isn't it the best when the handle is at just the right level for them to open the door while you're doing your business? :D