Breaking Glass: A Zarry/Larry One Direction Fanfiction

Breaking Glass: A Zarry/Larry One Direction Fanfiction

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MonBMalik961 By MonBMalik961 Updated Jan 22, 2013

--UPDATED lay-out (This story was written in 2012; I tweaked a few things and I'll continue to fix it)-- 

The boys hadn't expected this. They hadn't expected this at all. After a freak accident takes Zayn Javadd Malik away from them and the world, British-Irish boy band One Direction thought they could handle the aftermath. 

Without Zayn they were not 1D. So, they split up. Nine long months pass by as the band's popularity dwindles, with another new boy band taking their place. 

However, when Zayn finally wakes up from his coma, he realizes that things have changed. The boys -- now men -- grew up, went their own ways, and learned how to move on. 

Can Zayn fix the past? Was his near-death a sign of a huge revival on the rise? Can he meld his best mates together after so long? And most importantly, can Zayn once again reconnect with the one boy he had always loved? 

In the background, Louis Tomlinson deals with his painful feelings for the same lad Zayn pines after.

  • angst
  • reality
  • romance

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