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A group of four girls were born with a gift each with one of the four elements. Fire. Water. Earth. Air. Ice, was special.

Flair. She grew up in a small town where lots of battles were, and everyone knew everyone. She was always the feisty one who could hold a grudge and make people back off of her. She had straight blonde hair with thin bright red streaks in it, and brown eyes.

Claire. She grew up surrounded by water with a modern family who was at the verge of being rich. She was always sweet, helpful, and thought of others. She had wavy blonde hair which she always dyed the tips blue, and blue eyes.

Lilac. She grew up in the countryside taking care of animals and helping with the crops. She was the southern kinda girl. She could get feisty but was sweet and caring. She had curly brown hair she always had put up and occasionally down, and had green eyes.

Katie. She grew up in the city and played lots of extreme sports. She was a rebel to everyone but no one knew she had the sweet and soft side. She had wavy black hair, and blue eyes.


Crystal. She grew up to a royal family and was always treated as a princess even though she was an adopted child. She hid it from everyone, but once she turned 16, she just couldnt hide her secret anymore. She was sweet, shy, and nice. She had a straight white-ish blonde-ish hair, and hazel eyes.

The four girls suddenly run into each other and each discover what the other is hiding.


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