Listen To The Music(On Hold...)

Listen To The Music(On Hold...)

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Ashleigh By AshleighRobin Updated Feb 29, 2012

It's just another one to add to the pile:

Mom: Big Time Hollywood director
Neighbor: Big Time Hollywood producer
Ex- best friend: Rising star, plays the leading role on Mandy
Crush: Hot Rising star, plays Daniel on Mandy
Me (a.k.a. Kylee Grandt): Nobody singer/dancer/actress/songwriter
How did I get left in the dust?

You would think, with fame surrounding her, that Kylee would be a
big star. But on the contrary, she seems to be the only
'normal' girl in a ten mile radius. If you can call
having your best friend, your enemies, and your crush being stars
But what happens when things finally start going her way?

In Chapter two, Gabe and Kylee run lines. The credit for these
lines goes solely to Billy St. John and Pioneer Drama Services. I
did not write or have any say in writing Murder In The House Of
Horrors, which is actually a real play.

So, I'm going through and editing.. Critiquing myself. And
chapter with the chapter name under the chapter number has
already gone through the first round of editing... Even though
it's been edited though, I'm sure I missed

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Nami761 Nami761 Feb 29, 2012
I like it so far, its definitely a good read. I like the main character, plus the plot is really good. voted